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Bürger Transport Ltd. is a domestic company engaged in comprehensive logistics services within the EU. It provides transportation services including JUST IN TIME transportation, express shipping, freight shipment of HIGH-VALUE goods with superior safety features, transport with controlled temperature in cargo space, transport under ADR, transport of coils up to 26.5t, freight forwarding and groupage.

An integral part of our logistics services is handling, storage, registration and distribution of goods. On our premises, we run other services such as operation of a pumping station, restaurant, truck service, truck shop, tire repair shop, TIR car wash, while a training room is available.



15 years of proven experience.

Our company was established in 2001 with the initial idea to provide quality services in international transport. From the very beginning, we focused on providing high quality services and maximum customer service. Thanks to our good strategy and service quality,we have gradually expanded our services and coverage throughout Europe.


Experience is the key to success.

The business strategy of the company and its long-term goal is to offer to customers and partners a complete range of services within the multifunctional premises, where the sale and distribution of fuels, food services, vehicle maintenance and washing, sale of parts, sale and service of tires, sale of used trucks and trailers are provided.


Quality of services in first place!

The long-term strategy and vision of the company is pursuing global trends, improving services provided to customers and partners, improving staff qualifications leading to expansion of existing services and the dynamically growing company performance. We keep improving our fleet quality.


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