Dear BÜRGER Transport s.r.o fans, we are happy if you stop by our social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) for a while: have fun, comment on our posts, ask questions – and much more.



We maintain a friendly atmosphere when communicating. In addition to the “General terms of use of the Facebook, LinkedIn page”, we ask you also to read the following rules – and we would like to invite you to comply with them. Thank you.

Visitors to BÜRGER Transport s.r.o. social networks

If you visit our company profile, you can provide us with your personal information. It is up to you which information you provide to us. If you provide us with personal data, this information will be stored or processed by the laws of the Czech Republic.

Please provide us with personal data to get some information from BÜRGER Transport s.r.o. We will only collect this personal data to comply with your requests and provide the necessary information. This information will not be permanently stored or destroyed after we provide it to you. By providing your data, you agree to the previous status.

Responsibility is the leading role!

Before we publish anything on our social networks, we thoroughly check whether the content we post corresponds to reality. Just like us, you are responsible for every contribution you make. That’s why we ask you to protect copyrights and insert only what can be “signed” at any time. Among other things, we reserve the right to delete vulgar verbal or visual posts without prior notice. Posts offensive to gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or culture will be deleted. The same rules apply when personal attacks on persons, companies, or posts with illegal content. Comments, opinions or photos of our fans may not always reflect the positions and opinions of BÜRGER Transport s.r.o.

Questions? Yes, please!

We welcome your questions and suggestions. In any case, we will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Sometimes it will be necessary to consult several people on specific questions so that the answer may be more time-consuming. In this case, we ask for your patience if you are still waiting to receive a response from us.

Data protection is essential!

We can spread our thoughts and intentions easily and quickly thanks to social networks. That’s why you should never forget: What information am I willing to disclose about myself? To whom is my information intended? Therefore, we ask you: Protect your data and check the privacy settings of your profile immediately.

Foreign languages

For BÜRGER Transport and our fans to understand you, we ask that you only post in the Czech language.

Do you want to be visible? Please, but not here.

We reserve the right to delete posts or links promoting our visibility or advertising other brands.